Samples and Delivery

Pricing Calculation.
Please note that the number of tiles is calculated to the nearest whole number not the exact number of tiles per 1 metre squared. This may cause a slight discrepancy in the final price. For more information please email
Ordering a sample.

Samples are 600mm x 300mm to ensure you benefit from the full effect of the design.Samples cost £30 each and this amount will be refunded when you place an order.

What are your delivery times from point of ordering?

Our tiles come direct from the factories in Italy to our UK warehouse.  They are then shipped directly to your specified address.  If the product is in stock, the process will take around 14 – 21 days. We will keep you updated on the progress of your order.

Can I track my order?

Once your order is dispatched from our UK warehouse, you will receive an automated e-mail with tracking details for your convenience.

How will my tiles be delivered?

All pallet deliveries are to the kerbside as standard. The items will be delivered to the nearest kerbside at the address specified.

Our freight drivers will position their vehicle as close as possible to the delivery address and unload the palletised goods into a spot on the kerbside that is safe and keeps the pallet secure. However, we will not be able to assist you to transport items from the kerbside spot to any building. The delivery driver will always have to work within health and safety guidelines. This is to ensure the safety of the driver, the customer and the general public.

If your property has restricted access please let us know at the time of ordering via the Additional Information section on the checkout page. This may incur an additional charge.

We will not be able to move goods further than our pallet trolley permits, and we will be unable to deliver to steep hills, gravel driveways or other unusual conditions.

If you are not sure if your chosen spot is suitable for kerbside delivery, please speak to your local collecting depot or email

Atlantis Avorio


   Sizes Thickness pz/box kg/box m2/box boxes/pallet kg/pallet m2/pallet
900mm x 900mm 10mm 02 37.11 1.62 18 0667.98 29.16
1200m x 600mm 10mm 02 35.90 1.44 22 0789.80 31.68
600mm x 600mm 10mm 03 25.50 1.08 40 1020.00 43.20
600mm x 300mm 10mm 06 25.50 1.08 40 1020.00 43.20
600mm x 150mm 10mm 10 21.25 0.90 40 0850.00 36.00
300mm x 75mm 10mm 17 09.03 0.38 84 0758.52 32.13

Technical Information

   Test no. Description Required Standard Results
   IOS 10545/3 Water Absorption ≤0.5% CONFORMS
   IOS 10545/4 Bending Strength R≥35N/mm2 CONFORMS
   IOS 10545/8 Thermal Expansion Coeff. Between 20.c - 100.c <9X10-6 9X10-5XC-1
   IOS 10545/9 Resistance to Thermal Shock RESISTANT
   IOS 10545/11 Crazing Resistance RESISTANT
   IOS 10545/14 Stain Resistance min. Class 3 CONFORMS
   IOS 10545/13 Chemical Resistance min. B CONFORMS
   IOS 10545/2 Length and Width ±0.5% CONFORMS
   IOS 10545/2 Thickness ±5% CONFORMS
   IOS 10545/2 Wedging ±0.6% CONFORMS
   IOS 10545/2 Warpage ±0.5% CONFORMS
   IOS 10545/12 Frost Resistance RESISTANT
   IOS 10545/6 Deep Abrasion Resistance 125mm3
   ANSIA 137.1:2012 Slip Resistance

Water, oil, grease, etc. create slippery conditions. Floor applications with exposure to these conditions require extra caution in product selection.

≥0.42 0.53
   BOT 3000 0.54
   WET DCOF 0.54
   DIN 51130 R R10
   DIN 5109 A-B-C -




Area in ㎡

Surface 1


Surface 2


Surface 3


Surface 4